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Electric Vibration Eye Massager

Electric Vibration Eye Massager

Electric Vibration Eye Massager

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Do you have the following symptoms?

Principle of Action: There are many acupuncture points around the eyes of the person recorded in the medical book. When the eyes are frequently rubbed/blinking/sightedness/sightedness is dizzy, the eye is too tired, and the skin can be massaged around the eyes and the temples properly. Achieve the effect of dredging and relax your eyes. The eye massager is to simulate the "push-squeeze-pinch-push" massage around the eyes and the temples, and add the hot compress of the eyes to relax the eyes and cooperate with the Bluetooth music to get rid of the fatigue of the day.


For People
1 primary and secondary school students / viewers / excessive users and long-term eye wearers
2Computer operators / accountants / designers / wenge / teachers, long-time drivers, Jingyisheng workers, etc.
3 Silent dark circles, bags under the eyes, those who play mahjong to stay up all night, those who have eyestrain / brain, often suffer from insomnia

1 non-removable maintenance and modification of this instrument
2 The following people are forbidden to use: people with eye disease, acute disease, facial neuralgia, artificial heart and lung, etc.
3 Do not wear contact lenses.
4For the first time using this instrument, please perform a new headband debugging to confirm the fit to the eye area
5 During use, if you feel tired / discomforted / pain on the skin, please stop
6 Do not use on children, do not let people with disabilities leave unattended to avoid injury.
7.Please take out the battery if do not use this appliance for a long time
8. In the case of the second mode or the third mode.the power consumption is increased (mainly heat and power consumption). The voltage is sometimes pulled low and the instrument will automatically shut down. If you press the key to boot into mode one, you can continue to use it .
9. When the battery is low, the five indicators will flash at the same time, and then will automatically shut down.
10. The instrument cannot be turned on when the instrument is charging.
11. When the temperature is too high, it will stop automatically to prevent damage to the human body. When the temperature drops, you can continue to use it.
12. After the instrument is turned off, there will be a small amount of gas in the air bag, which is a normal phenomenon.

Product Features

1. This instrument has 3 keys, which are respectively: 
A. switch/mode key (switch machine and mode switching function)
B. Music button (long press for 2 seconds to switch between built-in music and bluetooth music, short press to pause music)
C. Children's volume key (long press for 2 seconds to switch to the next song, short press for volume, the volume is divided into 10 levels)

2 this instrument can be folded, suitable for all ages and types of head,can be massaged listening to music to relax the body and mind when traveling.

3 this instrument adds the function of hot compress, and the appropriate temperature is applied to the eyes, which can improve the blood vessel circulation around the eyes, relieve fatigue, and make the eyes fresh. 

5. This instrument is equipped with 2 electric motors, which can shake more than 40 times per minute to relieve the tired muscles of eyes.
6 This instrument is a Bluetooth version, a unique dual-channel speaker with advanced Bluetooth technology, which can play favorite music while massaging and counting, and relax.


Instruction For Use
This instrument has four working modes
1. Eye protection mode: (long pressswitch/mode key-boot) massage function + mus ic 
2.Nursing mode: (Short press boot/ mode key-switch)massage function + music + hot compress function
3. Strong mode: (Short press boot/ mode key-switch) massage function + music + hot compress function + vibration massage
4.Refreshing mode: (Short press boot/mode key-switch) Hot compress function + music
5. Short press boot/mode key-switch to eye protection mode
6. The Bluetooth connection name of this instrument is: DIMENG No password is required
7. You can switch the built-in music or Bluetooth music by pressing the music key for a long time. You can also pause the music by pressing the music key for a short time. You can also adjust the volume by pressing the volume key and switch the next song.
The instrument is set to a cycle of 15 minutes to prevent the user from falling asleep during the enjoyment. The humanized design of this product is 15 minutes per cycle, and automatically shuts down after 15 minutes of opening. To continue using, press the power button to enter the next cycle.


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